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About me

Hello there, I’m Ashley Collura

Since I can remember, creativity has been a big part of who I am and I have always had a sense of design direction, wanting to do nothing else but sketch, spend hours creating illustrations and fonts for school projects.
I have been lucky enough to have experienced work in a design studio and printing firm through a high school work experience program. From those experiences I have gained knowledge and a direction to studying something I’ve enjoy doing and turn it into a career.
For the past three years I have studied towards my Advance Diploma of Graphic Design. In this time I have had the opportunity to design for live client briefs and a vast range of creative projects and have also gained experience in pre-press as well as traditional illustration.
My studies have led me to find interest in branding, typography, layouts, logo design and working with photoshop.
I would like to continue using my creativity to bring ideas to the table and turn them into a career in the design industry. After this year I hope to find myself freelancing and interning in small design studios to gain me more experience working in the industry and along side designers and clients.
I have a range of job interests that include designing layouts for posters and flyers, branding and creating digital artworks for online content creators to use and apply to their merchandise and to also display on their range of social media platforms.
In upcoming years I would like to find myself working with a magazine publication designing page layouts for articles, as I have an eye for alignment and typography hierarchy, and also using my skills I have learnt in photoshop.