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Hello World! My name is Cassandra Payet

But everyone calls me Cassie

Ever since i knew how to hold a pen, i’ve always had a bit of an artistic eye. Originally, i grew up wanting to become a writer, also spent a lot of my time drawing  and when i was younger i would always make my own cards for birthdays and other special occasions. To this day, if i have the spare time i still make cards or at least design mockups.

This has steered me into taking an interest in layout design and look into branding because of my new found love with typography. I am fascinated with typographic solutions and i know this the direction that i would love to further myself in.

I haven’t had the chance to work outside of a classroom setting, although i am still fortunate enough to have had the privilege of getting real-life client briefs throughout my studies here at Tafe.

I am a big ball of emotions, mostly excited and ready to see what the world has to offer,  to get a taste of this industry and be surrounded by creative minds!