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About me

Hey, I’m Charlotte

For as long as I can remember I have always being very passionate about art. Luckily I have gone from using crayons and MS Paint as a child to designing with Adobe and Copic. I love Graphic Design being you can inspire people with just a quick glance. The power of imagery is a great communication tool and I love using my artistic flair along with computer and communication skills to produce something powerful.

My main focus this year has been digital design and branding, however, I would love to continue developing all areas of Graphic Design. I really enjoy the challenges that come with this field and how you are forced to continue learning, whether it be to keep up with the latest technology of to get an insight into the brand you are working with.

In the past I have volunteered at several not-for-profit organisations including Cancer Support. I loved this experience as it helped me gain experience in a professional environment whilst using my skills in a positive way. Next year I plan on completing my studies at Curtin University and am hoping to build a positive and creative career.