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About me

Xin Chào, Hi, I’m Henry Quach

I am inspired by artists and designers learn best by watching them do what they love. After a year of decision-making, I’m now confident I can spend the rest of my life pursuing a graphic design career built around creative (and dangerous ideas) that satisfy clients and my curiosity.

I am also a big fan of teamwork and exchanging knowledge and ideas.
Next year I will be continuing my studies at University and hope to take my skills and english to the next level, however, I am also interested in any internship opportunities for two days a week to supplement my study and gain real world experience.
Ultimately, I would like to put down roots and explore the culture of the workplace and develop long-term friendships. I do believe in the next 10-year, the digital design will become a form of technology that helps people and humanity build closer relationships.