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Throughout my life art has always been a big part of who I am, I have done so many different type of arts like paintings with sands and ceramics. Since studying media in high school, I have been attracted to graphic design and experiment both art and technology. I have a high interest in brand identity and strategy, illustration, advertising and print design.

I’m very creative, detail-oriented and innovative. I have worked in different types of¬†industry such as restaurant/clubs, printing, recruitment agency etc. After all that experiences I am confident to ensure that the brand is placed above the rest of the competitors by my remarkable design and always mandate that every piece I design contributes to the story engaging the target audience and corresponding collaterals.

I am considering an internship and will continue to develop as a designer, working from small to medium business and travel more. I’m hoping to learn alot more about marketing and my dream would come true working with advertising and media companies.