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About me


I’m a young, Perth based graphic designer from a family of artists. This background has instilled me with a broad appreciation for all visual arts, as well as a wide range of creative influences.

The last couple of years I have spent developing my practice and identity as a designer and have found branding, layout and illustration to be some of my key strengths. I enjoy experimenting with both traditional and digital mediums and the challenge of creating things that stand out from the norm.

The process of seeing ideas through to a final product has lead me to be particularly passionate about branding, packaging and print design. I get a great deal of satisfaction from creating something that people can feel with their hands and be physically interactive with.

Always looking to build on my skill set, I’d love to find my way into a small design firm where I can continue learning from and working with likeminded people who are passionate about design. I also hope to find inspiration through travel or study abroad, and to continue to add to my ever growing list of influences.