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About me

Oh hey, I’m Matthew Marino… but most people call me Matty.

“It’s all about functionality and aesthetics; good design includes both and great design lets the two interact and establish balance. It’s being able to see the bigger picture while working on the delicate finer details.”

I’m known to be a pedant… in a good way. I’m a stickler for detail and find [sad] joy in meticulously fussing over the little details. That’s probably why I like type.

If you’re into the finer things in life but want to have fun along the way then I’m your guy; I’m serious, and seriously funny.

It’s my hope that I get scooped up by a vibrant and active design agency – I’m forever curious and am willing to wet my feet in various fields and pride myself on being adaptable, though it’s my wish to get involved with an agency that specialises in typography & publications design and/or branding and identity.