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About me

Howdy, I’m Rhys Wallace

A illustrative graphic designer, that love’s concept art and storyboarding. I get a lot of enjoyment from creating ideas whether its creative ways to highlight a product or image or creating a fantasy world for a game or film.

I picture myself really starting my career in a place were I can be heard and I can really use and expand my idea’s while also finding new ways to think and expand my illustrative abilities. I don’t want to sit on my laurels and have my ideas grow stale, I want to see people enjoy worlds I create and consider questions I ask.

  • Where will you be in 10 years time? In a job that I could consider a hobby if it feels like work I don’t want to be there.
  • Why haven’t you travelled? I haven’t finished learning all that I can here.
  • What is your purpose? Kill all humans?
  • Why do you want to do what you do? They haven’t made couch sitting a sport yet? Kidding (kind of), cliche but its what I enjoy.