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G'day, my name's Shaun

I dream of a world in which everyday objects and experiences are more beautiful, streamlined and delightful. Being a designer allows me to be part of making this dream come true.

From the age of nine, to nineteen, I spent every Saturday drawing and painting in a studio with my grandmother and other artists. Here, I developed a passion for thinking and communicating visually. Later, I studied visual art at university while working casually at Creative ADM for three years. For the last four years, I’ve worked as a freelance designer, which has given me an understanding of the challenges of running a small business.

As a designer, I am very thorough, thoughtful and considered. I enjoy UI/UX and web design because there are many opportunities to add value and create delight for the end-user. I’m also interested in branding and creative strategy as I love pushing ideas to their limits. I really enjoy meeting with clients, learning about their businesses, involving them in the design process and exceeding expectations where possible.

I’d like to work for a small studio, around experienced designers to develop my understanding of customer experience design. Or, as an in-house designer for a brand I believe in. I’m endlessly curious, I love learning and I look forward to continuing to develop as a designer.