Where to find me:
A Little About Myself:


I’m a digitally focussed designer, passionate about UI Design and Branding!


I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine – I’m a serious fidgeter.

I’ve never really been able to master to art of keeping my hands still for a long period of time. I always need to be doing something in order for me to stay focussed throughout the day, and because of that it’s very rare that you won’t find me with a pen in my hand sketching or scribbling down the thoughts running around in my head. I guess I should be thankful for this annoying little habit of mine though, as it’s what first introduced me to the wonderful world of design.

I love the thought of turning somebody’s idea into a visual reality and making it come to life, especially if it’s a challenge. I am way to competitive for my own good and will not let a project rest until it’s complete, and even then I will usually continue to tweek and play with it afterwards because I believe that there is always room for improvement.

Web and UI Design excites me because of it’s never-ending potential and constant growth; it’s also a lot more forgiving of mistakes than ink on paper. Technology is always developing and advancing every day and I can’t wait to get in amongst it and experiment with all it has to offer. I think I would like to work for a smaller scale studio in the beginning as I feel that will give me more of an opportunity for hands on experience.


  • Where will you be in 10 years time?   Probably beginning my mid-life crisis somewhere.
  • Why haven’t you travelled?   Because recently all of my money has been spent on Adobe CC, hard-drives, and stress wine.
  • What is your purpose?   This is way too deep for me to be able to handle.
  • Why do you want to do what you do?   Terribly made apps and websites are the bane of my entire existence.