The Clean Slate Graduates

A clean slate is an exciting thing to have, it’s a fresh approach with a wealth of possibilities. We are a diverse group of students with our own skills, strengths and styles. What we do have in common is an eagerness to step into the design industry and make our mark.

Ashley Collura

Since I can remember creativity has been a big part of who I am and I have always had a sense of a design direction, wanting to do nothing else but sketch, spend hours creating illustrations and creating fonts for school projects.
Meet Ashley

Ash Thomas

I’m a local from Perth, freelancing as a brand designer, studying with a interest in the arts and technology, I have a open outlook for the future and an appetite for new creative flairs. I would like to be apart of a team who want to explore with a fresh perspective.

Meet Ash T

Betty Joy Richards

Having grown up in an artistic family, I have always been drawn towards design and the arts. However, it took a degree in sustainability and a several years of working as a cook to realise that graphic design was the career for me.

Meet Betty

Damien Almond

Basically I’m into Illustrating and logo designing, whenever I get into a rhythm of a piece of work that I’m doing I just cant stop drawing, but I feel I would be best suited in a logo design agency.

Meet Damian

Hayley Chiplin

I have a focus to the more alternative style in design. I have a background and passion for tattoos, so a lot of my work has that feel. I am first an foremost an illustrator and really enjoy branding.

Meet Hayley

Henry Quach

I am inspired by artists and designers learn best by watching them do what they love. After a year of decision making, I’m now confident I can spend the rest of my life pursuing a graphic design career built around creative (and dangerous ideas) that satisfy clients and my curiosity.

Meet Henry

Kim-Vu Salamonsen

My two passions in life are being creative and connecting with other people.  Graphic design allows me to unite these two things, working with others and helping through the production of beautiful, creative and personalised design.

Meet Kim

Rhys Wallace

A illustrative graphic designer, that love’s concept art and storyboarding. I get a lot of enjoyment from creating ideas whether its creative ways to highlight a product or image or creating a fantasy world for a game or film.

Meet Rhys

Valeriia Emelianova

With Australian Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and a Russian Art School background, I bring unique global view point to my work. My specialisation is Branding.

Meet Valeriia

Cassandra Payet

Ever since I knew how to hold a pen, I’ve always had a bit of an artistic eye. Originally, I grew up wanting to become a writer and when I was younger I would always make my own cards for birthdays and other special occasions.

Meet Cassie

Jessica Robley

Earlier this year I undertook AWARD School, and had the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the advertising industry, while building skills in art direction and copywriting.

Meet Jess

Lauren McCarthy

I cannot wait to finish this year and start the new as a proper human adult, with a real life job. I’m so excited, like a kid with a bag of lollies, but I’m ready to share.

Meet Lauren

Matthew Marino

I’m known to be a pedant… in a good way. I’m a stickler for detail and find [sad] joy in meticulously fussing over the little details. That’s probably why I like type.

Meet Matty Marino

Shaun Passmore

I dream of a world in which everyday objects and experiences are more beautiful, streamlined and delightful. Being a designer allows me to be part of making this dream come true.

Meet Shaun

Patrick Concannon

Having spent the last five years employed at several multimedia companies, happily jumping between roles as audiovisual editor, printer, social media guru and graphic designer, I decided that 2016 would be a good year to focus solely on graphic design and develop my skills for a full-time role within the industry.

Meet Patrick

Tayla Hadler

I’ve never really been able to master to art of keeping my hands still for a long period of time.

Meet Tayla

Aashish Vadolia

I’m a fan of corporate branding and UI/UX design. So far this year though, I’ve had experience in social media management, which is why I’m in charge of Clean Slate’s twitter and Facebook.

Meet Ash V

Lyle Russon

Throughout my life art has always been a big part of who I am, I have done so many different type of arts like paintings with sands and ceramics.

Meet Lyle

Sam Gorecki

I’ve always wanted to be a graphic designer, it’s just that when I left school, I had no idea that this was a thing. I’m always amazed when I come across a graphic designer over the age of forty.

Meet Sam

Thaline Fonseca

But, my passion and attention has been caught up in graphic design, and I enjoy all aspects of traditional design; digital illustration; developing mockups; and occasionally painting.

Meet Thaline

Matthew Lindsay

I’m a young, Perth based graphic designer from a family of artists. This background has instilled me with a broad appreciation for all visual arts, as well as a wide range of creative influences.

Meet Matt Lindsay

Charlotte Ventris

For as long as I can remember I have always being very passionate about art. Luckily I have gone from using crayons and MS Paint as a child to designing with Adobe and Copic.

Meet Charlotte Ventris

Heather Lonie

Silence is golden.

Meet Charlotte Ventris