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Здравствуйте, I’m Valeriia Emelianova

Welcome to my page!

With Australian Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and a Russian Art School background, I bring unique global view point to my work. My specialisation is Branding.

I am an adventurous, passionate, and accomplished Graphic designer with world class design sensibility. Having three years of real industry experience in corporate branding, digital designs and professional photography with traditional oil painting. 

I’ve done 5 year of Art School back in Russia. That developed my sense of beauty, educated me to feel composition and colour, taught me to be efficient and quick.

  • In 10 years time I see myself as a well known Graphic Designer. I would like to be recognised for my work on successful  campaigns.
  • I haven’t travelled much lately as I’ve been spending most of the time working on my art skills studying Graphic Design.
  • I’ve been doing art as long as I remember myself. As a child started from small handmade toys-souvenirs and drawings. Design is my great passion. Art is my essence.